Q: What are the office hours at Promotions Ltd.?
A: Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Central time

Q: What types of payments do we accept?
A: We accept checks, MasterCard and Visa.

Q: What happens if my artwork or my copy isn't very good?
A: We have artists — as do our suppliers — and writers who can create the right design and copy to communicate your message.

Q: Can Promotions Ltd. help me build an online company store?
A: Yes, let's talk about the potential of this method of online product ordering and delivery for your individual dealers, agents or employees. We'll work with you to determine branded products that work best and provide the technology for supporting order fulfillment. Give us a call.

Q: Why can't I research products on your Web site?
A: That's simply not our style. Stop your searching and sorting through the "junk" and call us. We already know what you'll find on the Internet. Let us provide you with dependable products from our reliable suppliers. When time is of the essence, we can gather information, research ideas and get back to you within two hours.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: You can do that by phone, fax or email once we've identified the product or products that best address your needs.

Q: How much production time is needed?
A: We like to give our suppliers 15 working days (including shipping time), but let's talk if a rush order is required.

Q: How do you assure that products will be delivered on time? ?
A: We follow up on every project a total of six times. We check inventory, confirm our preferred vendor's production time, trace tracking delivery schedules, and confirm when the merchandise delivers. Our success on delivery is 98 percent because we work with the best companies that share our standards for excellence.

P: 515-246-1990 | F: 515-246-8292