Who does Promotions Ltd. serve?

Our clients range from local manufacturers to national and international service businesses in the insurance and financial service industries. We work with sales, marketing and human relations professionals who are frequently overwhelmed and definitely ready to break out of tired, already-done-that thinking and programs.

What does Promotions Ltd. offer?

A listening ear, a probing consultant, an idea-generating individual, and a guide to innovations, concepts and programs that enable our clients to fulfill their sales, marketing and human resources responsibilities.

How does Promotions Ltd. work with clients?

We start by learning about:
  • you
  • your business or organization (mission, goals, dreams and challenges)
  • your audience (customers, employees, agents, etc.) and
  • what you wish to achieve.

It takes time and a track record to build the trusted relationship we desire with our clients. But we begin by uncovering how our creative skills and industry savvy can bring you greater value for your investment in promotional programs and products.

P: 515-246-1990 | F: 515-246-8292